Billion Bees Bush Fire Recovery Grant

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Native Bee hives

The Billion Bee Foundation is pleased to announce that we have been successful in receiving an Australian Government Bushfire Recovery Fund grant.  The grant has been awarded to enable us to replace Native Stingless Bee colonies along the East Coast of Australia, that have been devastated by the Black Summer bushfires of 2019 and 2020.  Billion Bees will be working with the local communities to achieve this.  

Established in early in 2020 the Billion Bees Foundation is a Registered Not for Profit, Tax Deductible organisation that is dedicated to the restoration of Native Bees in our communities. 

Billion Bees is dedicated to working with Bushfire effected communities to restock their lands with Australian Native Stingless Bees, for pollination and to help restore biodiversity in these devastated places.  

A sad fact: In NSW and Queensland by March 2020, thirty-three (33) people lost their lives, and 2,500 homes were destroyed.  8.4 million hectares of land burned.  It is estimated that billions of insects perished.  (Source: 7.30 Report ABC program The Aftermath).

The Billion Bees mission is to – Give nature back the upper hand.

We do this by actively, scientifically and passionately ensuring our programs are meticulously planned and delivered.  We are tenacious about conservation, education, innovation and sustainability.

Working with our volunteers from across NSW and Qld, the grant funding from the Bushfire Recovery Fund will kick start and assist us in achieving this ambitious project. 

Founder Saverio Russo said 

“By connecting, partnering and working with Bushfire affected communities, we will engage with the communities to provide custodianship of the hives and bees, as well as education programs about the importance of our Australian Native Bees and pollination needed to regenerate fire devastated lands”.

In addition, the Billion Bees Foundation are piloting a new school’s program in the East Hills district of Sydney that will breed stingless bees in the towns and cities.  These communities can provide more pollination resources thanks to urban gardens.  The hives will then be delivered to Bushfire affected regions to assist in bush regeneration. 

Billion Bees are actively looking for supporters, sponsors and philanthropic organisations or communities to become Billion Bee Native Stingless Bee Champions and help provide funding and raise hives for the community. 

Funding is important for our ongoing programs to provide Native Stingless Bee colonies to Bushlands, Schools, Childcare Centres, Community Gardens and Farms.  This is to ensure supply to our regional friends in fire, flood and drought effected communities and to propagate more Native Stingless Bee colonies for the future.  Our program aims to educate our country and urban community about biodiversity, the connection between insects, animals, plants for our environment including air and water quality. Further funding will help us achieve this goal more rapidly by working with local Councils and Local Aboriginal Land Councils to enable them to propagate and breed the bees. This will mean that the program is self-sustaining in the local communities almost immediately.

About the Billion Bees Native Stingless Beehives 

Our Native Stingless Bees are rescued from sites of timber felling and land development.  We work with arborists that identify hives that are vulnerable and will be destroyed.  Billion Bees team members go to the sites and work with the arborists to rescue the bee broods.  If the Billion Bees team did not rescue the hives, they would be destroyed by being milled, chipped or burnt.  The funds that are given to the Foundation go directly back into the process of rescuing, homing, education and supplying beehives to communities that require regeneration.   We have some great stories and footage on our Facebook page that shows real time rescues.    

The Billion Bees Hive boxes are custom built by volunteers from the Brighton Men’s Shed in Sydney, NSW to the engineering design specification developed by Master Beekeeper and Engineer, Peter Atkins.  The result is sublime.  A beautifully constructed hive out of sustainable Paulownia timber, that can withstand high temperatures.  Built to withstand heat, pests and made to increase airflow to the brood via designed plenums to ensure hive ventilation and hive health.  The Billion Bee Foundation are looking to expand this partnership with Men’s Sheds throughout New South Wales, to deliver the hive boxes free for the Bushfire effected communities.

We would love to meet with you to discuss the specifics of this initiative if that would be appropriate.   Please feel free to contact me Saverio Russo, Founder Billion Bees on 0448 121 441 or Eilis O’Beirne on 0401 031 346.

Kind regards  

Saverio Russo  &  Eilis O’Beirne

Billion Bees Foundation 


"The Billion Bees Foundation acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we stand and pay our respects to Elders past and present.

Always was - Always will be."

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