Established in early 2020, the Billion Bees Foundation is dedicated to the restoration of Australian Bees in our communities and giving nature back the upper hand.

We have many projects in the beescape.  Our current focus is working with bushfire affected communities in Queensland and New South Wales, to restock their lands with Australian stingless bees.  This is to facilitate natural bushland restoration, pollination and to help biodiversity in these devastated places.

“By talking to, connecting, partnering and working with bushfire affected communities, we engage with the communities to provide custodianship of the hives and bees.  We provide Australian stingless bees as well as education programs to teach beekeeping and the importance of pollination needed, to regenerate fire devastated lands.”

Saverio Russo

Founder, September 2020

Our programs aim to educate our community about biodiversity and the connection between insects, animals, plants for our environment including air and water quality.

This helps us achieve our goal more rapidly by working with partners like Aboriginal Land Councils, Men’s Sheds, Local Government, Landcare and our recently formed partnership with the Bangalow Koalas Foundation.

This enables these organisations to help us to propagate and breed Australian stingless bees.  In time we hope the program is self-sustaining and owned by the local communities.

This project received grant funding from the Australian Government’s investment in bushfire recovery for wildlife and their habitats.


Our vision is to – Give nature back the upper hand. 

We do this by actively, scientifically and passionately ensuring our programs are meticulously planned and delivered.  We are tenacious about conservation, education, innovation and sustainability.

A sad fact: In NSW and Queensland by March 2020, thirty-three (33) people lost their lives, and 2,500 homes were destroyed.  8.4 million hectares of land burned.  It is estimated that billions of insects perished.  (Source: 7.30 Report ABC program The Aftermath).

Our immediate priority is to replace Native Stingless Bee colonies that have been devastated by the Black Summer bushfires of 2019 and 2020 along the East Coast of Australia and working with the local communities to achieve this.  The Australian Government has provided a small amount of grant funding from the Bushfire Recovery Fund to assist us in this project. We will replace as many Native Bee colonies as we can in Bushfire affected communities and provide community engagement, training and education about the importance of our Australian Native Bees and pollination needed to regenerate fire devastated lands. 

"The Billion Bees Foundation acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we stand and pay our respects to Elders past and present.

Always was - Always will be."

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